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Providing guaranteed hassle free rental incomes to UK landlords

Guaranteed Rent to Landlords

At Pynnacle Assets, we fully understand that letting a property can be a demanding and unpredictable process. There are many uncertainties along the way that can entirely affect your rental income. You may in fact end up with much less than you bargained for. This is particularly true for new landlords who seem to think that at the end of one year they will have a full 12 months’ rent in their bank account. Sad to say that this is rarely the case. This is where the Guaranteed Rent scheme shows its true power and really guarantees landlords proper security.

The Benefits of Using Guaranteed Rent

• Of course, the big one is guaranteed rent. This includes whether your property is let, vacant or even when your tenants are refusing to pay their rent for some reason or other. Your fixed monthly payments will come through like clockwork without the stress of finding new tenants or chasing tenants that are late with payment. You, as the landlord will never have to worry about a void period.

• The landlord does not need to wait until the tenants have moved in. Pynnacle Assets is now the tenant and we will take care of everything in our professional manner.

• We guarantee finding the best rental rate for your property. Since we have extensive knowledge of the UK market we will use it to our full advantage when finding the perfect tenants for your property.

We Will Become Your Professional Tenants

Most landlords prefer tenants that are professionals. Therefore, the guaranteed rent scheme is perfect for all landlords as we effectively become your professional tenant. As a landlord, you will only ever need to deal with Pynnacle Assets and we will take care of making sure you receive your rent every month on time. We deal with the tenants directly for payment processing, maintenance issues, etc. This way, you the landlord have no worries and can use that extra time doing what you enjoy.

Pynnacle Assets Provide a Full Maintenance and Management Service

We provide a full maintenance and repair service 24/7. Prompt and careful maintenance and repair are an essential part of the management of your property. Our professional tradesmen are fully qualified to take care of a great array of services. As well as reactive and planned maintenance, Pynnacle Assets specialist team are on call to answer all emergencies. We undertake regular checks to identify all problems and schedule the necessary repairs. This prevents problems which could cause inconvenience to the residents.

Our Property Management Structure is Clear and Transparent

Pynnacle Assets conducts a NO HIDDEN FEE strategy.
No voids or loss of income. Just guaranteed fixed monthly rent for up to 5 years
No commission or management fees to pay

Home Pynnacle Assets
Home Pynnacle Assets
Home Pynnacle Assets

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    A Structured Approach to Property Management

    One of our core competencies is that we have tailored our property management services according to the need of the landlords. Every aspect is carefully designed and monitored with regular written updates. Our letting agents are well versed in the local compliance laws and know skills required to deal with any ad hoc challenges which include dealing with difficult tenants.

    Our Property Management Services Include

    Pynnacle Assets ensures that tenants are located and referenced, tenancy agreements and inventories are prepared, new tenants are reconciled and registered, rental site is regularly inspected, maintenance issues are dealt with through qualified contractors,rent is collected timely, permanent ongoing guidance is provided to the landlords,complaints are managed and the property remains in the same condition as it was at the time of leasing.


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    Faster Payments

    Home Pynnacle Assets

    Up To 5 Years Guaranteed Rent

    Home Pynnacle Assets

    Expert Eviction Handlers

    Home Pynnacle Assets

    Always Available

    Get the best out of your valuable assets through ongoing maintenance and hassle free guaranteed rent

    Our property management services are designed to save your time and money regardless of whether you have experience in the field or are new to it. Our services allow you to focus on other activities by taking away the responsibility of being a full-time landlord. We make it our duty to fully take care of your property, secure tenants and collect the rent on your behalf in addition to dealing with other issues that may arise.

    You, as a landlords, can now get your mind off of the expanding bureaucracy which governs the lettings process and increasing demands of the tenants and let us worry about it!