What areas do you cover?

We cater to London and all the surrounding areas. Please contact us for more information at 0208 952 4260.

What types of properties do you deal in?

At Pynnacle Assets we work with many different kinds of properties which are listed below:
studio to multi-bedroom apartments,
houses up to five bedrooms,
block of flats,
properties in need of complete renovation and maintenance,
empty properties.
If you want to let your property, let us worry about the rest!

Do you maintain the property?

Yes, we make sure that there is a thorough process of maintenance so that your property is not damaged. We carry out monthly property inspections and do maintenance work if required.

What happens when something goes wrong?

If the tenant starts creating problems for the landlord, we according to our agreement with the client reserve the right to evict the tenant. The problem is dealt by our managers directly and the landlord is not involved.

We also have a very effective complaints procedure where every complaint is logged, response time is very adequate and clear and made available to our clients. A designated person is assigned to deal with until conclusion of the investigation until resolution. Pynnacle Assets monitors these complaints every quarterly to have a clear progress report.

What happens if the tenant refuses to leave?

We at Pynnacle Assets will start the legal eviction process and you as the Landlord will neither have to go through the tiresome process nor will you have to bear any expenses in this regard. You will be paid your rent until the property is vacated.

Why should I choose Pynnacle Asset?

We provide solid guarantees which are set out from the time of an agreement between you and Pynnacle Assets. We provide the security of being paid regardless of the tenant’s payments. Unlike other companies your rent is not based on our judgement of the tenant’s ability to pay. We do not enter into an AST (Assured Shorthold Tenancy) or License agreements making sure that we are in control of your rental payment at all times.

Who deals with tenant's' issue?

The managers at Pynnacle Assets deal with tenants issues directly.

What are the benefits to me?

You, as the landlord, are freed of all responsibility of letting the property, maintaining it, exacting rent or dealing with the tenant throughout the tenancy. With guaranteed rent, the uncertainty of letting your property is removed. When Pynnacle Assets takes charge of the process of sub-letting your property, you can be assured of the efficiency and transparency of the process.

I am interested what do I next?

You can email us at for more information or call us at 0208 952 4260.